Time for the Mother of all Mock Newberys and Calling the Caldecott

I love the feeling of excitement and promise that fall always brings. There’s something about Labor Day weekend — one last barbeque, one last picnic, a trip to the beach or a long hike, and then it’s time to quiet down. The fog is rolling in through the Golden Gate here in the Bay Area, and the light has shifted to a lumious kind of glow.

I always feel like I should be sharpening some pencils and putting paper in a new three ring binder on a day like this. But even not in school, the need to settle back in — find your class, sit down at your desk — seems to flood across the children’s and YA publishing world.

Here’s two ways to get your fall fix:

Over at Hornbook, Roger Sutton has started a new blog on all things Caldecott: callingcaldecott. Bound to be interesting and infused with Roger’s irreverance and wit. And no doubt, lots of gorgeous illustrations to check out. Actually, the link isn’t hot just yet — there is some heavy praying to the gods and goddess of technology going on over there, but it’s expected to be live any moment now, so check back for it soon. 


And for the third or fourth year in a row, School Library Journal is hosting Nina Lindsey and Jonathan Hunt in the mother of all mock Newbery blogs: Heavy Medal: A Mock Newbery Blog. Refresh yourself on the rules with their links, and send in suggestions for some of your favorite books for 2011.

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