Thanks Shakespeare

This has been going around the internets, but in case you missed it, here are some expressions we got from Shakespeare, courtesy of the blog F*ckYeahMoleskines. Some of these surprised me, like, “Knock knock. Who’s there?”  I mean, they weren’t saying that before Shakespeare?  Really???





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4 responses to “Thanks Shakespeare

  1. martineleavitt

    Ya, I’m sure I read “Knock, knock, who’s there?” in the Iliad or something….Great way to start my day, Coe.MartineFrom: Write At Your Own Risk [] On Behalf Of WRITE AT YOUR OWN RISKSent: September-21-11 9:57 PMTo: wl01@telus.netSubject: [writeatyourownrisk] Thanks Shakespeare

  2. david elzey

    “got from shakespeare” might be giving the old b’ard a bit too much credit. i suspect many of these phrases were of the time but were simply recorded first by bill shakes. not saying he didn’t have a way with words, or the turn of a phrase…

  3. coebooth

    Thanks, David. I was having a hard time believing Billy coined ALL of those phrases. But you’re right, he did have a way with words, the ol’ bard! 🙂

  4. writerjane

    Wow. I finally managed to at least get to this site to make a comment, and what better to comment on than Shakespeare’s facile and silver tongue…um…pen. Now let’s see if I can find that green button to add me as contributor.

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