Writer Seeking Inspiration

Coe’s Friday post reminded me how useful morning pages are during transitional times, when the writing just isn’t flowing on its own.

There are lots of places to get stuck when writing. Or not writing. Thinking about writing, wanting to write, pretending to write, avoiding writing, despairing of what you’ve written…. Here are a couple more good ways to jump start yourself:

Ready to hammer out pages on that roughed-in novel? National Novel Writing Month  starts November 1st. A giant support team of other writers you can touch base with. They’ll cheer you on for everything you write, without judging how good or bad it is. No problem with that – if you are like nearly every writer I know, you are critical enough all on your own.

Need a little inspiration from others? Here are a few of my favorite blogs:

Educating Alice: A warm, tender, well-informed blog by Monica Edinger, who teaches fourth grade and loves books.

From the Mixed Up Files: Middle school books, with posts by multiple authors:

(Full disclosure, I was just interviewed by Hillary Homzie on Mixed Up Files).

Cynsations: Want to know what’s happening in publishing? What other children’s and YA writers think and feel? Latest books getting a good buzz? Check out Cynthia Leitich Smith’s blog.

There are a number of wonderful blogs these days. What are your favorites? Let me know and I’ll post the list.

Elizabeth Partridge



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2 responses to “Writer Seeking Inspiration

  1. coebooth

    Oh, that’s right. NaNoWriMo starts today! I’ve never done it, but I feed off all the energy surrounding it. It’s exciting!

    Good luck to all the NaNoWriMo writers! You can do it!!!

  2. Louise Hawes

    I loved the interview on “Mixed Up,” Betsy! DOG TAG is such a resonant story, and it was fun to get a peek at how it evolved.

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