Which of You is Which?

Which of you is which.doc
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5 responses to “Which of You is Which?

  1. timwynnejones

    This is me, Tim, commenting on my own file. Did the image come through with the blog? I can’t tell. Please let me know.

  2. ledas

    Yes, Tim, it’s there!
    And this post is almost enough to get me on an airplane.

    Did you buy the Shepard sketch? You deserve it.

  3. timwynnejones

    I didn’t Leda though I wanted to. I checked my wallet and I didn’t have 2,200 pounds on me. Although, when you think about it that isn’t really expensive for a real Shepard!!!

  4. Julie Larios

    I have a ticket for the Powerball lottery – $325 million. You read that right, and somebody won it this week. I haven't checked it yet, but I'M SURE IT WAS ME. So I'm going to buy that Shepard print and give it to Tim, and I'm going to fly us all over to Paris to celebrate. Julie

  5. Uma Krishnaswami

    Tim, what a great post. And hey, Julie, I’m sure you won too. A piece of advice: don’t check the results. Who needs real life to validate such things? Just make up the version that suits best. We know you’ll do so unsentimentally and that nostalgia will not enter into the narrative at all.

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