Books Matter


Our very own VCFA faculty member Matt de la Peña is featured in The New York Times today.  This article raises my spirits because it reminds me of the power of literature and writers to effect change, especially in children and teens, even in the face of racism and censorship — two very ugly words. 

Books are important.  They change lives.  They validate people’s experiences.

Here’s an excerpt:

Like the lead character, Danny, Ana is a Mexican-American whose family does not have much, is being raised by her mother and has a father who spent time in jail.

Like Sofia, the lead female character, Ana, a high school junior, is hoping to go to community college, where she wants to study accounting. “Most books I read, I don’t know the people,” Ana said. “This book is the truth.”

Read the rest of the article here.

Way to go, Matt!  



Photo by Joshua Lott from The New York Times



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2 responses to “Books Matter

  1. Kathi Appelt

    How many times have I asked the question, “can I touch just one reader?” Clearly, Matt has done that, and through Ana, his work will continue to touch other readers. Both deserve our hugs and congratulations–Matt, for being an honest writer; Ana for being an honest reader. Both for being brave.

  2. Uma Krishnaswami

    >Books are important. They change lives.

    No kidding. We’re with you, Matt!

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