A Little Nostalgia

Do you ever long for the good old days?  Do you wish you had one of those old-fashioned manual typewriters so you can bang out your novels the way the all-time literary giants used to do?

Well, now you can write with the convenience of your computer (please use Scrivener!) and the noise of an old clackity typewriter.  Check this out:

I’ve been using Noisy Typer all day and it’s so much fun — especially the satisfying little ding.

And it’s free!  🙂




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2 responses to “A Little Nostalgia

  1. Unbelievable – what fun! and how I miss that little ding!

  2. Coe, I'm clacking as I write you! Now that I've downloaded this app, I can thank you for CHANGING MY LIFE!!!!

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