My Book of Life by Angel – by the numbers…

4              date in September it was officially published

 2              toilets I cleaned on September 4

 3              years it took me to write the book

3              hours it takes most people to read it

 3              number of times I gave up on the book when I first began writing it

13           number of rewrites before submitting it – it might have been more, but this seemed like a nice unlucky number

2              agents who turned it down before Brenda Bowen took it

100         number of poems that didn’t make the final cut – at least

4              my children who have read the book – the rest are afraid

12.5        number of my grandchildren who aren’t allowed to read it until they’re 30 years old

0              number of movie options I’ve been offered – dang!

 49           number of women Pickton confessed to murdering – the number that really counts


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One response to “My Book of Life by Angel – by the numbers…

  1. louisehawes

    Thanks for this, Martine. Though I haven’t matched your number of rewrites on my w.i.p. yet, I’ve already passed the number of times you gave up the ship…It helps to be in such good company.

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