Wee and Free


This is our neighborhood little free library.


  I built it, with help and from a kit, after getting home from the July residency.  After all that intensive thinking, talking and listening I sometimes feel the need to get my hands on some non-metaphorical tools.

In the two weeks since its gala opening the collection has turned over almost 100%, on the” take one leave one” circulation principle. It is now multimedia (there are a couple of dvd’s) and multilingual (there’s a French book).   I think that’s a mark of success, as are the conversations that I overhear from my study window as passersby discover it.

 The librarian pleasures of this project are obvious.  I get to be architect, contractor, CEO, collections librarian, head of the friends of the library and janitor.  The writerly pleasure is a reminder of the durability of printed books.  Long after our books are off the radar, out of print even, they live on, in the secret underground world of used books. They have stopped appearing on our royalty statements but they are still, as Martine put it in the previous post, one soul speaking to another. 

 What I’d really like to tackle now is a treehouse but I suppose there would be liability issues.  I guess I’ll stick to libraries.


For more information on the little free library movement see: http://www.littlefreelibrary.org




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4 responses to “Wee and Free

  1. And I see you had a gala opening, too! Fine work, Sarah! We have mini libraries at every mail kiosk in the “development” where I live. As a result, I’ve never had to subscribe to the magazines I want to read. This is also how I got the Rilke day book I read each night. I think my return donations have been appreciated, too, since I’ve never seen one last more than a day. Such a good feeling to see a book you’ve loved moving on….

  2. President of the Friends of the Library. Good one.

  3. meowcats

    I love this, Sarah. Brilliant! And you must have so much fun watching from your study.

  4. Jenn Barnes

    I absolutely love that you did this, Sarah! And that there is a kit! ::trolls off to find out how much said kit costs and how one goes about implementing a similar project in her own neighborhood::

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