It’s That Time of Year

It’s Labor Day here in the U.S., so you know what that means — a day off!!!

Actually, I don’t think writers ever really get a day off. Sure, we can spend the day at the beach or at a picnic, but our writer brains are always at work. We’re always observing people, listening to conversations, reading, experiencing something new, and getting inspiration from the people and things around us.

But Labor Day means something more than just a holiday for me. Labor Day still signals my brain that summer is over and it’s back-to-school time. Here in New York City, school starts next week, so Labor Day is that time of year to stock up on school supplies. (Yes, I miss those days!)

So, just to get myself in the mood, I decided to refresh my supplies by buying (or eyeing) some new things. Here is my Back-to-School list:

1.  Whitelines Notebook

I had just finished my old notebook, a Rhodia Webnotebook, so I picked up this cute A5 black Whitelines notebook. Whitelines is my favorite brand of notebooks; the paper is wonderful, especially for fountain pen users. And these notebooks are oh so purdy!


2.  TWSBI Diamond 580 Fountain Pen

I haven’t actually bought this yet; I promised it to myself after I finished my current WIP. But since my deadline is in ONE WEEK (gah!), I’ll have my hands on this beautiful fountain pen in no time. Can’t wait!!!


3.  Laptop Stand

I’ve been having some pain and stiffness in my neck lately, probably from writing hunched over my laptop for hours at a time. So I invested in the Aidata Laptop Stand, which raises the screen up to eye level. This one wasn’t too expensive, and it supports my extremely huge, heavy 15″ MacBookPro with no problem. It’s also collapsible. I highly recommend it if you get pain in your neck or upper back when you write. (You’ll need an external keyboard to use it though.)


4.  Editorial for iPad

I need a new text editor like, well, like I need another notebook and fountain pen! But since I do more and more writing in coffee shops on my iPad (with an external keyboard), I convinced myself I really needed a new writing app. And this one is fantastic, especially if you’re a fellow geek! Will it help me write better or faster? Absolutely not. But, hey, sometimes you have to treat yourself. I mean, c’mon, it’s a holiday!


Well, that’s it for me. I can’t break the bank on “school” supplies when I’m not even in school, now can I?

So, tell me, what’s on your Back-to-School shopping list this year?



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9 responses to “It’s That Time of Year

  1. Martine Leavitt

    I LOVE school supplies! I love stationery (sp?)! I didn’t know they still had fountain pens – definitely going to get one of those. The quality of the pen is in direct proportion to the quality of the writing, dontcha know. Thanks, Co!

    • I agree, Martine! A beautiful pen with good-flowing ink DOES make you write better! Or at least it makes you WANT to write, which is worth the (over)price of the pen!

      Or maybe that’s just how I rationalize buying these fountain pens!

  2. We are kindred spirits! I just bought my first Rhodia, with gridded pages. Love. It. Also have a collection of fountain pens and inks, including one made of glass. ❤

    • I love the gridded paper! But have you tried the dotted paper, Carol? Muji makes wonderful notebooks with dotted paper.

      What brand is your glass fountain pen? I NEED to know!!! 🙂

  3. I buy a huge stack of yellow legal pads. Great for morning pages, first drafts, and editing. Gives you the freedom of writing poorly and experimenting without worrying about wasting good paper. My pen of choice is the PILOT Precise V5. Happy writing.

    • I used to love using pads, too, but they’re not fountain-pen friendly, so I had to switch to notebooks. But I agree, Anna, there’s a certain amount of freedom with pads; not everything you write will hang around forever, like it does in a notebook. And it’s fun to rip pages out of a pad, wad them up, and toss them into a wastepaper basket — preferably one across the room! 🙂

  4. Is anyone here a Levenger addict? I love their inks in all those jewel colors. I still have my old Parker pen that predates ink cartridges. But I must also confess to a lasting relationship with my ancient Remington manual typewriter, for which I have recently been delighted to discover ribbons online.

    • Mary Pleiss

      Uma, I refer to Levenger as “office supply porn.” I have some of their inks and pens, and I use their notepads for writing by hand, as the paper’s designed to take fountain pen inks. There’s just something so good for my brain about writing certain scenes by hand.

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