Bath Spa and Lewis Carroll Sesquicentennial

2014-09-24 07.21.38

Photos courtesy of NG.

2014-09-23 08.01.36So we’ve been talking about the Bath Spa residency at VCFA–a week in Bath with a day trip to Oxford, a dream week for anyone excited about the history of children’s literature as seen through the eyes of writers. Not just that but part of that day in Oxford will be spent with none other than the distinguished Phillip Pullman himself! And that’s not all either Workshops and other offerings at the residency will be led by our very own Tim Wynne-Jones and Martine Leavitt. I know this prose is turning hyperbolic but I can’t help that.

What a treat, too, that this opening residency will take place in 2015,150 years after the first publication of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland! Yesterday would have been Lewis Carroll’s 182nd birthday. Look at all these Alice connections.

Did I say this is open to graduates as well as current students?


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2 responses to “Bath Spa and Lewis Carroll Sesquicentennial

  1. martineleavitt

    And Tim and I are cooking up a generative workshop, so if you apply, pack soft paper that can soak up your best ideas, your favorite pen (the one that has all your best words hiding inside it), and your most creative thinking-socks!

  2. It’s thinking cap, Martine. But whatever your sartorial inclinations may be, come prepared to write and soak up the beauty of Somerset in the summer. And, I have to add: now that the alums have their own mini-res separate from the July residency, this would be an excellent opportunity for us poor, doting faculty members to get to see you lovely people again!

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